Unused Twitter accounts

According to some articles out there 44% of the twitter accounts have never tweeted.
That’s 416 million accounts.  That is more than Canada and US’s population combined!!
I guess I do contribute to that though because I have two accounts that have never tweeted and used to solely stalk people.

Talking about twitter accounts, I have several twitter accounts.

One is for my close friends, my followers are usually people I actually know in real life.

Another account is used to express my feelings. Probably used more like a stress relief. (I will never be able to show this twitter account to anyone!)

I find it easier to express my feelings on twitter. Probably because I don’t have 1000 friends like how I do on facebook and I actually cherish the response I get on twitter more than facebook.

I am thinking about creating another account for english and another for Japanese these days though.


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