Pokemon Master


I  always wanted to be a pokemon master.

No, I didn’t.

I didn’t even own a gameboy, gameboy colour, all I did was watch over my friend’s backs while they complete pokemon silver because my parents did not allow me to have any game consoles in our house until I was 12.

I did have access to pokemon cards though.
I always got ripped off from older players because I didn’t really know which cards were good but I did know that the shiny ones were rare!!
I threw away most of the cards just because I had a lot at home but I kept all the shiny ones safely in my room.

And when I was cleaning my room today I had a reunion with that album so I decided I would share it with you guys.

Most of them are from Japan so they are in Japanese. My definite favourite was vaporeon.

What’s yours?


2014-04-16-15.23.112 2014-04-16-15.23.11

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