Poppin Cookin

I have bought this special package from Japan way back when.

The reason why I bought this kids? toy/snack was because I was inspired by this wonderful video:


RRCherrypie is my sensei. He/she is super super careful with everything and he/she makes the food look so good.

So I finally had the time today to open the package and actually make it.


Look at the package! It looks so fun to make! It consist of a panda rice ball, sausage, egg, broccoli, nugget, and spaghetti.


And look at the instructions… This was what put me off opening of the box for a while.
I don’t think any kid will be able to make this alone.


These are the magic packets.


And tuh dah!…….?
Okay it looks nothing like the packaging and this is because half of the things didn’t harden in the mold.
This is more deceiving than a McDonald packaging and the actual burgers.



The after math…

FAIL! Everything tasted very bad as well. I think I will stick with watching the videos by RRCherrypie.


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