Eat your Kimchi

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I may be a little bit late in this but I have recently been addicted to “Eat Your Kimchi”. They are two happily married Youtubers from Toronto (YAY!) who live in Korea and make splendid videos about the culture, food, things, and I especially like their analyzation on korean culture. Not only can I learn more about Korea but what I really like is how they talk about a foreigner living in East Asia. As myself living in Japan for one year I felt many things that they have experienced as well. Sometimes I was upset, sad, or find it funny but I didn’t really know how to express it, whereas these couples do it so wonderfully. Also they are super super funny and I can’t stop laughing at them, with them during their videos. I will share some of the videos which I felt were relevant in my exchange as well.




There are so many things similar with Japanese and Korean culture its crazy!

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