Copy.. Paste..


While I was working on some grad show stuff I hear a spell being casted right behind me.

I guess I’ve always noticed it but never bothered to ask her.

The person casting the spell was my mom.


My mom talks to herself all the time.

She especially gets pretty noisy when she uses her favourite ipad.
She reads out most of her action.

Today, I guess she was sending some pictures or text to someone by email.

Today’s spell was

“Copy… paste.. copy.. paste… copy… paste… x 20 sent!”

Looking at my mom use her ipad with her one index finger very seriously (she’s concentrated like crazy) is very fun to watch sometimes.
I also like how she enjoys wearing her favourite kumon sweater as well (I gave it to her after I finished working at kumon, she claims its the warmest sweater on earth).

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