I hate naturally curly hair




My friend pointed out today that my hair is getting curly again.
I used to have (well technically under my scalp the DNA is still there) really really curly frizzy hair.

This is me in Grade 5. I didn’t do anything with my hair but just decided to let it grow as it is.

People called my hair a “fro”.
The bullying (sob, sob jk) did not stop in high school either.
My friends thought I was just lazy and did not try to comb my hair.

I will comb my hair, blow dry it nicely, straighten it for 40 minutes and once humidity hits, my hair turn into a bird nest again.

All of this problem with my hair was solved when I was in Grade 12.
I went to Japan and got a “Japanese magic straight perm” for the first time.
At the time the price to get it done was  $150~$200.
Now you can get it for $50 if you look for the cheap places.

It has turned my hair miraculously straight. And now I don’t have to fight with my hair every morning.

But I haven’t been to Japan in a while.. also I don’t want to get it in Canada because it’s so expensive.
And my roots have definitely grown out and I neeeed this magic straight perm again.

I do have the chemicals for it though…

I guess I’ll ask my mom to do it for me one day. (Btw the whole process takes maybe 3 hours. Yikes!)


This is the random beheaded statue on my friend’s lawn.




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