Anime: Log Horizon

When I do work for school I don’t need to concentrate.

Okay I said that in a wrong way, I do not need to put 100% concentration on work.

How some people can listen to music while they study (which I can’t) I can watch movies, tv shows, anime whatever while I do design.
When my thought process for the design is done I work totally off my right brain.

This is a very hand skill as I’ve probably watched

・over 50 movies

・the whole breaking bad, gossip girl, The O.C., modern family, Big Bang Theory, Orange is the new black, Game of Thrones series

・over 30 series of anime

in the past 4 years.

This has made my design process very fun and entertaining. It’s like by the time I finished watching a series someone has worked on my design and it’s magically finished!


In the past few days I have been watching Log Horizon (25 episodes) (Finally going to review).

I like fantasy, SF, but I am not a fan of action animes.

At first I was hesitant in watching this because it looks like a typical anime with people fighting in a fantasy world.

However, I was wrong!!

This anime is about building new laws, economy, and a country in the game world.

Long story short of the plot: Users of a big gaming community gets stuck in the game world and people gotta deal with it and just have to find a way of living in their new life. It has aspects of love, comedy, and action as well which adds to this anime series.


Below is my favourite character “Shiroe”.
He is hot! I like his nice personality and great brains. Also the main character.

The next season for Log Horizon is starting this fall so be sure to check it out!
What should I watch next… I have a 40 page book to finish by Tuesday. Going to have lots of sleepless nights!

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