Cleaning my room


The first thing I do right after I actually have time for myself is to clean my room.
I have this love and hate relationship with cleaning.
Lets say during my busy days, cleaning is at the bottom of my priority list and I will be honest but my room gets pretty messy.

But once I have lots of time I like to do cleaning for the whole day. Today I spent 4 hours cleaning my room and I’ve found few things that were very nostalgic. I will introduce my 1990~2010 gadgets I have owned in the past.

1. LG touch phone
This is actually not that old probably bought by my brother in 2010 and he gave it to me and this is the phone I used until i bought an Iphone 5.


2. This is my first ever mp3 player in my life. It’s by creative and I actually got this for free from my dad or some event.
It’s 256mb. How many songs can I fit?! I think it fit like 20-30 songs. Nostalgic. I think I changed the music almost everyday.


3. This is a bell phone, a hand me down from my dad


4. My second phone that was actually bought for myself in 2009.
It’s a LG chocolate phone. This was a smartphone but I only used it to call people and never had a data plan.

image_4 image_5

5. Flip LG phone, I used this when I lost my first phone in the snow when I was walking to school. My phone was white and I never found it…
6. So this is not a phone but it’s a ruler my grandpa gave me. I still have no idea how to use it.
It also has pie measurements.

7. Finally comes the ghetto fujifilm digital camera.
It runs with 4 batteries and it also has a memory card format I have never seen before.

I remember using this when I was in gr.7…

image_8 image_10

That’s the few fun things I found lying around in my room.
More to come when I finish cleaning my bigger closet!

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