Now what?


I’m done school … now what?

I’ve had several blogs in the past but it was something like about my exchange or my travels.
Never was it something where I can just rant about my daily happenings.
But now that I’ve successfully finished my supposedly last class of my life, I feel like I should start something new.

It’s only been several hours since my last class (which was epic at my prof’s loft), I guess I feel different.
I’ve been going through this education system for the past 19 years.
Studying was my profession and now it isn’t.

I’m supposed to be this newly graduated “adult” full of energy and ambition.

I suppose I am.

I am excited for my future and I am looking forward to what is going to happen.
As optimistic as it sounds I bet there are going to be downfalls in life and I bet most of the time I will be thinking about stupid stuff.

I want this place to be a place where I can write these stupid stuff. Sometimes show my anger, my opinion, and things I would not be able to write on Facebook or Twitter because simply I will be writing about things my followers will not want to read and do not care.

My posts might be in English or it might be in Japanese, as I use both language in my head when I think about stuff.

Hope this continues for a while! 三日坊主になりませんように。


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