I got my magic straight perm!

I skipped a post yesterday! Because I dont think I need to write everyday do I…?
Anyway here is my hair from today after the magic straight perm!


Photo on 2014-04-20 at 11.27 PM


And this is my hair from 2010. 4 years ago! This is taken by the same camera (on my macbook pro)

As you can see not only is it damaged from the colouring but from the excess straightening iron.

I had to straight iron it every single every single day and my hair was very very very damaged.

Yay for magic straight perm that takes 3.5 hours but give you awesome results!!

Photo on 2010-07-18 at 23.57

Why do people like going to Starbucks?

I seriously do not know why people like going to starbucks?
I’ve been to starbucks before. In these type of situations.
My friend, “Let’s go for a tea/drink/somewhere comfortable to sit and chat”… we go to starbucks.
My friend, “I’m thirsty”… we go to starbucks.
But alone, I have never had an urge to go into starbucks and buy a grande chocolate mocha chilled double latte (probably got the name totally wrong).
In my life I have probably been to a starbucks maybe 10 times.
It’s not like I don’t have a starbucks near my house, I also had one in my school as well.
But I just never felt the urge or need to go to starbucks.
That is why I am curious. Curious at all those people who line up and order such expensive drinks.
I do not know why these people order starbucks but I have though out why I do NOT buy things at starbucks.
  • It’s expensive. If I am going to spend 4-5 bucks on starbucks drinks, I will get myself cake or some sort of dessert or food.
  • If I am thirsty I will drink water. I don’t need to buy drinks. I can drink from fountains.
  • I don’t find it appealing to sit in a cafe and work on things. It’s loud, crowded, uncomfortable. Very distracting and I will never get anything done in that type of atmosphere.
  • I don’t drink coffees. I dont know anything about coffee. I like tea though.
From these reasons you can categorize someone like me as:
  • Hipster: I don’t like consumerism and like to go to small privately owned coffee shops (which I do)
  • Cheap: I can’t afford or just can’t imagine myself spending 5 bucks on drinks
I am not saying people who buy at starbucks love to consume and spend their money but the more I think about I just don’t understand why people go there. Maybe it’s just convenient or maybe it just tastes damn good and I didn’t know about it because I’ve only tasted their apple cider and maccha ice frapp things.
If you do go to starbucks frequently please let me know why you choose to go!
Thanks 🙂

Unused Twitter accounts

According to some articles out there 44% of the twitter accounts have never tweeted.
That’s 416 million accounts.  That is more than Canada and US’s population combined!!
I guess I do contribute to that though because I have two accounts that have never tweeted and used to solely stalk people.

Talking about twitter accounts, I have several twitter accounts.

One is for my close friends, my followers are usually people I actually know in real life.

Another account is used to express my feelings. Probably used more like a stress relief. (I will never be able to show this twitter account to anyone!)

I find it easier to express my feelings on twitter. Probably because I don’t have 1000 friends like how I do on facebook and I actually cherish the response I get on twitter more than facebook.

I am thinking about creating another account for english and another for Japanese these days though.